Denial using arguments which have already been refuted.


Global warming denial is denial that global warming (GW) is a problem (or, in some cases, denial that anything should be done about it) using arguments which have already been refuted.

It seems to be a problem mostly in non-scientific establishment circles within the United States.

There are a few legitimate-appearing arguments against global warming which have not yet been addressed; some of these are already-refuted arguments in modified form dredged up for public consumption by very well-funded anti-GW interests, but some may be genuine.


ignoring refutation

GW deniers often reiterate otherwise-legitimate arguments which have already been refuted, dishonestly repeating them as if those arguments had not yet been addressed.

false dilemma

One of the techniques used by GW deniers is to reduce the problem to an all-or-nothing false dilema – either:

  • GW exists and we are causing it and we should take draconian measures to stop it, or else
  • GW doesn’t exist; if it does, it’s not our fault; if it’s our fault, there’s either nothing we can do about it; if there’s something we could do about it, the effects won’t be that bad if we don’t so it’s really not worth the fuss.

Any flaws found in the pro-GW fork become, to them, arguments against the whole thing – making this effectively a staw man misrepresentation of global warming advocacy.”


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