Peer reviewed papers – the mother lode!

This really is the mother lode. The author has signposted to many papers and blogs on the latest published papers.


“This blog is about climate science with an emphasis on the observations of the climate change that is currently ongoing. Specifically the emphasis will be on those observations that show that it is mankind that is and has been causing this current climate change by greenhouse gas emissions. The AGW in the title stands for Anthropogenic Global Warming, which is a commonly used term for the current human-caused climate change.

I am not a professional climate scientist, but just an interested layman who has been getting familiar particularly to the observational side of the issue by reading the research papers on the subject. I hope I can offer some relevant information on the subject especially as the public discussion on the subject tends to focus more on what climate models can do instead of emphasizing the observational body of evidence which is very large and in my opinion convincing by itself even without far-reaching climate theories or models.”

About author:
– Name: Ari Jokimäki
– Location: Espoo, Finland
– Year of birth: 1967
– Education: Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering
– Other hobbies: Astronomy, observing and documenting nature, guitar & bass playing



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