Orwellian climate speak vs facts

“Everyone is entitled to his own opinions, but not to his own facts” – Senator Daniel Moynihan “Science is a systematic, evidence-based, testable and self-correcting way of investigating the world. This is done through empirical observation, by experimentation and mathematics.” … Continue reading

Here are some handy weapons for tackling climate change denial head-on

http://www.newint.org/features/2011/05/01/guide-to-climate-change-denial-debunking-climate-skeptic-myths/ Switching off denial: a guide Issue 442 Danny Chivers presents the New Internationalist guide to debunking the myths of the climate change deniers. If you’re a sceptic, then I salute you. Sceptics are people who don’t take things at … Continue reading

Denial using arguments which have already been refuted.

“Overview http://issuepedia.org/Global_warming_denial Global warming denial is denial that global warming (GW) is a problem (or, in some cases, denial that anything should be done about it) using arguments which have already been refuted. It seems to be a problem mostly … Continue reading

Clearing the PR pollution that clouds climate science.

www.desmogblog.com “The DeSmogBlog Project began in January 2006 and quickly became the world’s number one source for accurate, fact based information regarding global warming misinformation campaigns. Our articles and stories are routinely highlighted in the world’s most popular news blogs: … Continue reading