How to join the CCCF Calendar

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Joining the CCCF Calendar

Please note that CCCF Calendar is for organisations to add their own events rather than a centralised service.

Before applying to join it, or submitting an event, please note that:

  • the CCCF Calendar is primarily intended for organisations that have regular events related to climate and energy issues. If you hold less than 2 or 3 events a year, or you wish to publicise a one-off event, then we suggest you contact the nearest organisation (listed on this page) and ask them to consider adding the event(s) on your behalf, or submit your event(s) direct to us for consideration by filling in the form here.
  • All events you create for use on any calendar to be linked to the CCCF Calendar must be located in Cornwall, and be loosely related to climate or energy issues - this calendar is not for advertising businesses.

If you still wish to link your calendar to ours, here's the procedure to join the CCCF Calendar which will require a designated person within your organisation running your own Google Calendar, and completing the steps outlined below to link it to ours.

To add your public events to the CCCF Calendar:

  1. If your organisation also has a Google Calendar please email stating organisation name, objectives, and contact details (if you don't already have a Google Calendar, you can sign up and create one by following this link).
  2. Please note that to be displayed on the CCCF Calendar your organisation's calendar will need to be set as public and that since there are many other organisations on the CCCF Calendar, all events you create will need to clearly identify lead organisation or location + subject matter (in the event title), plus date, time and location, and be flagged as public.
  3. Colour coding: Red - North Cornwall, Orange - East Cornwall, Green - Mid Cornwall, Blue - South West Cornwall, Grey- Cornwall wide/other.

    Please let us know which colour coding you wish to use, and finally, and most importantly, ensure that your calendar is shared with - (see here for how to do so).
  4. If your calendar is suitable we will add it to our main calendar, and your events will be displayed here and on our partner websites.