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Cornwall 2050 Scenarios display at Royal Cornwall Show 2008

These pages are an archive of material from the old Cornwall 2050 website at

The project ran from 2008 to 2009, and was a forum to enlist the public’s help in defining how Cornwall would respond to the challenges of climate change and energy security.

This was accompanied by a series of outreach events across Cornwall in the Summer of 2008, organised by the Cornwall Sustainable Energy Partnership in association with Cornwall County Council (*) and Forum for the Future, exploring ways of delivering an ambitious but crucial vision: reducing the UK’s CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050.

The event was a key component of the ‘Climate Friendly Fortnight 2008’ and began by putting the challenge in context, explaining why we need to reduce CO2 emissions urgently, to try and slow climate change, and why we need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels as they become increasing scarce and costly. The aim being by 2050 for the people of Cornwall to move towards more sustainable ‘one-planet living’, i.e. at the current rate we’re using resources, the world will need three planets to sustain itself in the future.

In conjunction with introducing a range of visions of what a low-carbon Cornwall could be like in 2050, we looked backwards at some of the key decisions that we’ll need to have made if we are to progress towards achieving this goal over the coming decades.

We identified 4 potential future scenarios related to what people in Cornwall have been telling us about how they see Cornwall in 2050:

Green Power Up, Green Power Down, Science Futures, Handle with Care

These ideas, including posts in the website forum (now removed), were to inform the Cornwall Climate Change Action Plan, which was being prepared for the Cornwall Strategic Partnership, in the run-up to the ‘One Cornwall’ transition.

(*) link broken on Cornwall Council website